Commission Artist: Hembra (Marianela Tello)
Based in Mexico City, Mexico.

With a composition directed by Pentagono and executed by Hembra, this artwork dignifies deep black and light grey colors to emphasize sophistication and grace; along with goldish and white fragments giving a harmonious and low-key sense for a full sighting and a direct spatial interaction.
Multidisciplinary artist - From an early age, Lane showed deep interest in figurative art and experimentation with textures; elements that would become essential parts of her contemporary artworks. After participating in various galleries in Mexico and overseas, Lane developed her identity as an artist while being part of a specialized oil painting course at the prestigious University of the Arts in London, United Kingdom.
The essential elements for her inspiration are the textures, the forms, and the experimentation with materials, coming to combine them in a way that gives a specific and continuous language expressed intuitively. This is what motivates feminine creations, the poetic aesthetics and the raw perceptions of how it can be perceived in a abstract way.
Architecture: Oxígeno Arquitectura
Art Advisory & Signage: Pentagono
Construction: Alpha Hardin
Lighting: H+T Iluminación
Furniture: Vitra, IHO, Herman Miller, Steelcase.

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